The Callbaxx A Cappella, Cornell University

"First TraXX" Album Art Designer |  Spring 2013 

During my last year as an undergrad my a cappella group, The CallbaXX, released our first official CD, entitled "The First TraXX", in the Spring of 2013. Prior to the release, I designed the official cover art for the CD and the overall design of the CD art. 

Since this would be our first release, I wanted the cover to have an innocent and personal feel - which is why I went with a simple, hand drawn view of Cornell's central campus. The title "The First TraXX" together with the group's tradition of incorporating our name's double 'X's inspired me to add in defined footsteps with 'X's in each one.  Finally, the group voted on the subtitle being typed rather than handwritten to add a professional feel. The back cover and inside artwork are studio pictures that the group took when recording.