MassageMe: Robotic Massage System

System and UI Designer, Cornell University Fall 2012

As a design project for a Human Computer Interaction course I took during my undergrad, I designed a robotic massaging system with a multitude of functions. 

Massages can be incredibly beneficial for loosening muscles, improving circulation, and relieving stress. However, professional services can be expensive and it is difficult to achieve one's desired results without direct control. This is what inspired me to design the MassageME, a robotic massager system composed of three main components: 
(1) A robotic device with human-like arms and hands, as well as a touchscreen UI.
(2) A pair of skin-tight gloves that precisely and accurately detect the user’s hand motions. 
(3) A stand-alone mold of a human’s upper-body, made with life-like substances to properly simulate the feel of a human’s back, that act as a tangible interface for the user when using the gloves. 

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