Octothorp Productions

Co-Producer, co-director, Co-choreographer, performer

In 2016, Alisha Vimawala and I launched Octothorp Productions, where we create content that explores dynamic movement and dance. We believe that life should be full of whimsy, and that every action should be done in the pursuit of joy and creativity. The idea came from a realization that we were both missing a dance outlet in our post-college lives, and gradually grew from a simple goal of choreographing and filming a dance to longterm project encompassing a wider range of expressions.

Behind the scenes -->  Designing the Octothorp Logo 

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Free by Broods | Lyrical Hip Hop

In 2017, Octothorp published its second video. With this piece, we wanted to elicit feelings of freedom and empowerment with a sense of weightlessness. We had a great time creating it and we hope you enjoy it too! ☁️☁️☁️ 

Behind the scenes --> coming soon!

Fuck Love by Iggy Azalea | Hip Hop Dance

Octothorp's debut video published in 2016. Inspired by a shared love of dance, storytelling, and whimsy, we combined our talents to explore the process of creating a dance film. This piece is an exercise in uplifting choreography, powerful affirmation, saturated imagery, clever film cuts, and elevating friendship. 

Behind the scenes --> The Making of the F*ck Love Dance Film