Independent Creative Work

Music, dance, and the performing arts are my heart's passion. Since graduating university, I have been exploring new ways of incorporating my artistic pursuits into my life and experimenting with independent endeavors. Here is a set of recorded instances. 

5 years after proclaiming they would one day perform an open mic together, Cornell University CallbaXX A Cappella alumni, Margaret Taormina and Aditi Dugar, finally performed an originally composed 2-person a cappella arrangement of Ingrid Michaelson's "Parachute" at Sidewalk Cafe's open mic night! General merriment was had.

Dan Curhan and Margaret Taormina perform their own rendition of George Gershwin's "Summertime at Red Rock Cafe. (Summer 2012) Original recording found at

Basement jam session with Paul Sorenson and Pablo Leon-Luna.