Cornell Formula SAE Team

EE & CS Sub-Team Member, January 2009 - May 2013

Photo & wallpaper design by me, 2012. 

Photo & wallpaper design by me, 2012. 

Cornell FSAE Dashboard | 2011 Car

During my second year on Cornell University's Formula SAE team I designed, presented, built, and tested the dashboard for the 2011 car. This project required an extensive amount of work as it entailed all aspects of creation. The goal was to design a top-notch electrical foundation with a highly intuitive and helpful user interface. About halfway through the process, a new team member was assigned to assist me in the electrical work while I focused on the firmware and UI.

The end product was the first dashboard to run successfully in the May 2011 FSAE competition in Brooklyn, Michigan. I am particularly proud of this project, and it has provided a great foundation of knowledge for designing and building a product from both the backend and UX perspective. 

Cornell FSAE Lap Timing Device | 2012 Car

In my third year on Cornell's FSAE team, I was responsible for designing and building the 2011 Lap Timing Device (LTD), the first in-house lap timer that the team had ever took on. It was intended to serve as an electronic timer for track runs and as a storage system for the collected data using its own SD file system. 

The final design ended up being similar to the prototype design in that it included wireless transmission. The system layout was composed of a transmitter component (2 for acceleration runs), a transponder that records to an SD card for data-logging and security, and finally a receiver that sits at a team computer and displays times via GUI. This setup can be used for both acceleration runs and other runs, as the software (using a pattern-detecting algorithm) handles both cases without need for any software switches.

Cornell FSAE Promotional Video | 2011

Throughout my second year on the team I documented the entire designing and manufacturing process of Cornell FSAE 2011 racecar. Over the summer of 2011, I edited and produced a documentary-style promotional video for the team. The intent was to provide an informational video that prospective members could learn from, team members could reflect on, and fans could enjoy. 

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Cornell FSAE Website and Media | 2010-2012

In 2010, the Cornell FSAE Team redesigned its website. I was one of the people who provided design ideas and media for this new site, including official photographs, wallpapers, and videos. 

The site has since been redesigned and appointed to different members.