BreakFree Hip Hop Crew | Cornell University

Performer, Choreographer, & Artistic Director |Fall 2009 - Spring 2013

Throughout all four years of my undergrad career at Cornell University, I was a member of a hip hop dance crew, BreakFree. While in the group, I performed and choreographed each year, and acted as Artistic Director on the Executive Board throughout my senior year. Check out some of my work!

"On Fire" was Margaret Taormina's senior piece as a member of Cornell University's BreakFree Hip Hop dance crew. It was performed at the annual 2013 BreakFree dance showcase. Dancers: Margaret Taormina, Nicole Ricapito, Akina Yokoyama, Remanu Phillips, Chaz Childers, Yannick Lingelbach, Haven Wang, and Richard Hsu.

BreakFree's piece "Top of the World" performed at Shadow Dance Troupe' s Fall Step show in Fall 2012. I choreographed the partner part of the piece.

In Fall 2012, BreakFree choreographed and organized and flashmob at Cornell to "Gangnam Style" by PSY. In addition to costume desigh, I participated in the general organization and teaching of the dance. 

View my individually choreographed piece, "Swinging in the Dark", at At 34:50.

This piece was performed as a collaboration of multiple indivudually choreographed pieces. The part that I choreographed is the ending piece to "Airplanes" by B.O.B. and Haley Williams.